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A new garage door is a big investment. If you are considering getting a new garage door, or if your current one is damaged or broken, you should call our installation experts from Alvaros Garage Doors. Our team of highly trained professionals will be standing by and can answer all of your questions. We will discuss your needs and help you determine which garage door is right for you. Because we believe that affordability is just as important as quality, we also have cost-saving options such as available online specials and coupons.

Discover the Alvaros difference by calling our Shelton garage door installation team at (203) 285-8571.

Do You Need a New Garage Door?

While garage doors are meant to last a long time, they will not last forever. If your current garage door is very old, or if you’ve started to notice frequent problems with your garage door, it is worth talking to a professional garage door replacement technician to discuss your options.

Problems such as shaking when in operation, strange noises coming from the opener, and an outdated design can result in chronic repair costs. An experienced garage door installation specialist will help you diagnose your problem and will be able to tell you if replacement is your best option.

Benefits of a new garage door include:

  • Smoother operation without unpleasant noises or shaking
  • Reduced maintenance costs as new systems are more reliable
  • Lowered energy costs as new doors are more energy efficient and better insulated
  • Improved curb appeal and an updated look to your home

Alvaros Garage Doors offers many makes and models to choose from and we even offer custom wood garage doors! With so many to choose from, you are sure to find the garage door of your dreams at Alvaros. Call us today at (203) 285-8571.

An Investment Worth Making

Many people are surprised at what a big difference a new garage door can make in their lives. In addition to improved operation and a fresh look, a new garage door can improve the comfort of your home, especially if you use your garage as an additional living space. While there are many benefits to a new garage door, we also recognize that a new door is a big investment not to be taken lightly.

Our Shelton garage door replacement technicians will always treat you with the attention and respect you deserve and we will never push a door on you which isn’t right for you or that you can’t afford. Alvaros Garage Doors is built on integrity and strong customer relations and we stand by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

To discuss your garage door replacement options call our Shelton office at (203) 285-8571.

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